Team Wasserretention

We provide water retention planning and advice.

As Team Wasserretention ("Team Water Retention"), we give input talks on water retention, advise, plan, support the implementation of water retention measures and more.
We work with property owners, neighbourhood initiatives and other stakeholders and offer process support in the development of water retention strategies.

Why water retention: 

Increased water availability contributes to a livable and harmonious ecosystem for humans, nature and agriculture. It also enables us to:

+ Reduce flood risk
+ Prevent drought
+ Reduce the risk of forest fires
+ Regenerate flowing waters
+ Promote groundwater recharge 

Thinking big: Regenerating water cycles at the landscape level balances climate extremes and stabilises precipitation levels.

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"Climate change is first and foremost a water crisis. We are feeling its effects through worsening floods, rising sea levels, shrinking ice fields, forest fires and droughts."

UN Water

our media library offers different approaches, contexts, case studies and reports on water retention from around the world.

Team Wasserretention