Projects implemented so far

Agroforestry system (meadow orchard)
with Keyline Design 
and Retention Basin

  • stormwater retention
  • water supply for trees
  • retention basin for infiltration
  • sheep pasture

Swimming and Rain Water Retention Pond 

  • Swimming oasis
  • Rainwater retention
  • Flood protection
  • groundwater formation
  • from natural materials

Nature Spa -
garden biotope

  • water friendly garden design 
  • rainwater collection
  • XXL - 1000l - bathtub
  • infiltration biotope
  • Kneipp basin

Constructed Wetlands

  • free of sewer fees
  • nature-based, decentralized
  • low tech 
  • without power consumption

Infiltration Landscape

  • Infiltration pond: biotope in an infiltration trough
  • Dry stream
  • Spring basin

Planning and Mediation

Concept visualization

Water supply for a fruit forest in development

  • identified water sources
  • directing rainwater in a targeted manner
  • store water for irrigation

Plan & Concept

Re-design of a vineyard on the Moselle river

  • Potential survey for water self-sufficiency
  • Pragmatic irrigation technology
  • Erosion reduction


Ecology of Water 
Day Seminar

  • What do water and wastewater have to do with the climate crisis?
  • New paradigms and approaches
  • Do it yourself support
  • learning to read the land 
  • with lay people, climate activists and decision makers

Knowledge transfer

Feedback for architecture students

  • Water-friendly urban district planning
  • Graywater recycling
  • Stormwater retention
  • Integration of water in new and existing buildings
  • Renaturation of obstructed water bodies

Team Wasserretention