Team Waterretention

We are a network of people who work professionally and with different focuses on the topic of water and water cycles.

What has brought us together is our connection with and enthusiasm for the element of water. 
What motivates us is the determination to work practically and as advocates for water bodies and awareness of water in the landscape. 
In this way, we want to make our contribution to the stabilisation of ecosystems and the climate crisis. In doing so, we help to preserve what we value.

As a network, we are open and invite everyone who is professionally involved in restoring healthy water cycles or wants to do so in the future to network with us.

„The big rivers need the small waters“  - Albert Schweitzer

Who are we?

Hannah Fröb

  • Studied Urban Environmental Management
  • Experience in project management, interdisciplinary and international teams.
  • Communicative team player with a critical-analytical eye for the big picture. Eager to understand and moderate different perspectives.
  • Focus: Sponge City

Leandra Roller

  • Studied Integrated Water Resources Management
  • Experience in research and project management, interdisciplinary projects and international teams.
  • Analytical thinker with great adaptability and attention to detail.
  • Focus: Climate strategy development, catchment approaches and wetland restoration

Gerhard Üblinger

  • Agricultural training and social work studies 
  • Experience in co-creative and interdisciplinary projects, project coordination, agricultural and aquatic ecology.
  • Thinks in a networked and pragmatic way. Creative mind with a love of simple practical results 
  • Focus: water retention in agriculture, interdisciplinary processes, workshops, site management.

Julian Stolte

  • Carpentry training and communication design studies
  • Experience as project visionary, construction manager, carpenter in nature conservation groups, architecture and website design
  • Interdisciplinary creative with core competence in bringing together seemingly separate fields. 
  • Focus: Concept development with holistic approach for real sustainability.

As team... 

... we work together on planning and implementing water retention measures in German-speaking countries and beyond.

What we have in common is our orientation towards the latest scientific research and permacultural design principles. We are always striving to create nature-based, self-sustaining systems in which humans and all other living beings can live in balance. 

We bring different knowledge, focus and skills to our work. We are also all part of the international Waterstories Community (, which provides us with accumulated experience and innovation from around the world.

Our core topics

convey our love of water
implementation of nature-based solutions
rainwater infiltration from sealed surfaces
water retention at landscape scale
decentralized wastewater treatment

all members of all part of the international Waterstories community of, which provides us with accumulated experience and innovation from all over the world.

Team Wasserretention